Thursday, October 22, 2015

news from a "contributor"

Huseyn Iskhanov was a general in the Chechen army which fought a bloody war against Russian troops (Supplied: Kim Traill
It is an interesting change from potatoes, reading a free-lance contributor's story about the mish-mosh of interests in Syria, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, ISIS ... you know, all that stuff that defies the well-groomed punditry of the well-groomed news outlets.

The story from Kim Traill is not so well-lubricated, perhaps, but it contains what feels like honest news considerations ... the tough and complicated stuff that comes out of human intercourse. It feels closer to facts and further from journalistic fantasy.

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  1. Whenever anyone asks if the military solution ever solved anything, WWII is invoked as "the good war", at least in modern times. And should i question whether the military solution ever effectively dealt with an insurgency, will the American Civil War be invoked?

    If we can deal with a criminal, but not with the culture that breeds criminals, what have we really solved?