Sunday, October 23, 2016

a god question

Niggly and delicate as a spider's tread, occasionally the question arises

"Are you god?"

And with equal delicacy the answer arises with it

"That depends on you."

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  1. I may have thrown this up here before, but it's all i've got on the subject.

    when you're a god
    people leave you alone
    and you're always at home
    and you don't have to phone
    'cause you're a god
    just 'cause you're god

    and when you're a god
    you're never late
    or overweight
    it's just so great

    to be a god
    is to have peoples praise
    singing your name
    they hear and obey

    and you're never wrong
    you're an uncaused cause
    an inscrutable will
    li-iv-ing still

    and other gods
    come over for coffee
    don't have to sacrifice
    everything's paradise
    s'great to be god
    s'nice to be god
    wanna be