Wednesday, October 19, 2016

short-circuiting terror ... yawn

A new White House plan aims to train teachers and mental health professionals to intervene and prevent Americans from turning to violence ideologies, work now mostly done by law enforcement, a draft of the policy seen by Reuters to be announced on Wednesday shows.
The 18-page plan marks the first time in five years the Obama administration has updated its policy for preventing the spread of violent groups, such as those that motivated the perpetrators of attacks in the last year in Charleston, South Carolina, San Bernardino, California, Orlando, Florida, New York and New Jersey.
Are we really supposed to take this seriously ... the cutting off of the impetus? Didn't they try that with Prohibition?

True, it's a good means for spending money -- and there are those determined to do that at all costs -- but it really does sound stupider than a box of wet leaves.


  1. Didn't read, but completed two HarvardX courses today informally on religious traditions as well as Buddhist scriptures. Felt a tinge of pain in my chest which could point to yet another sickness. Ain't complaining, but I really am v. thankful or grateful of my entire life despite the growing up pains. Sometimes I rather do more zazen instead of staying updated with the news of others' mistakes, or perhaps, like Adam often used to retort about the late zen teacher Ta Hui approximately, "I have always taken a great vow to burn in hell over an eternity, than to express this teaching as a human emotion."

  2. In kindergarten i was told to not hit or bite. I must consider that lesson whenever tempted most to express rage or frustration physically. Did they stop teaching that? It struck me as valuable.