Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Obama tells Trump to stop whining

Like the electorate, media have had a hard time getting their head around Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. His wild accusations are nonetheless grist for the media grill which (I heard the statistic yesterday) has given the candidate something like $2 billion in free advertising (masquerading as news stories.)

But for my taste, President Barack Obama hit the nail squarely on the head yesterday when he advised Trump to "stop whining." Whining sums up Trump's tsunami of facts, fictions and ever-louder assertions about as nicely as anything I can think of. You can't call him a sociopathic putz and expect the mud to stick.

But a whiner? Yes, I think Obama hit the nail on the head.


  1. Due to the influence of my elders since I was born from a womb, ever since I was of voting age I have always undertaken the training vow never to vote any opposition. I am not sure if I am more towards the Democrats or Republicans, but generally I wouldn't as well as won't vote an opposition presidential candidate whether in Singapore or any developed country.