Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chinese exam for all the marbles

Traffic stops, parents crowd together to get the results, and students set aside learning to ride bikes was China's gaokao examination -- the exam that will set a life course for many of those selected -- nears. By western standards, the work load is enormous. The seriousness with which China approaches its education leaves a western enthusiasm for sport in the shade.

Some achieve. Some do not.

The reading of the article is grueling in ways that make the experience unimaginable.


  1. I went to university for a couple years, but quit to be a hippy. No regrets.

    1. I could get into a top postgraduate, but I realised that something was amiss when Communist China became strong. When I saw the 2008 Sichuan earthquake I went fully into Buddhism and when I saw the 2011 Tohoku tsunami I took up Japanese. If I accord via the Lotus Dharma Flower Sutra to my best effort, I know it's here again, a repeat of Tohoku and Sichuan. I just don't know for sure where, so I went and watch a Korean movie Train to Busan instead.