Saturday, October 8, 2016

animal photos

Fun photo array with inadequate cutlines from The Guardian:

Writing project nags this morning.


  1. Nice.

    Found some meaning while meditation moments ago in reviewing one's household budget. As I presently draw S$200 i.e. around US$250 monthly from working for my extended family, I needed a certain degree of discipline and that can only be possible if voluntary, which has been the case thus far. Since I am without a spouse or any known offsprings, my domestic burden in a mathematical sense is probably lighter than Adam's or Charlie's.

    ASEAN still focuses heavily on ascetism unlike the Mahayanists in East Asia and the more affluent Muslims in the Middle East such as Jordan or Qatar, so this is something I can cope with. Tentatively there is this Singapore equivalent of Obamacare that is usually 33% of monthly income, 33% of S$200 is S$67 in savings investments.

    Another 33% is what mom needs as a token of sorts. S$67 in household allowances. Another 33% is transport and food allowances i.e. S$66. This is a voluntary declaration as I see how austere budgeting fairs alongside spirituality in the following months as the US Presidential Campaign comes to a psychological milestone.