Friday, October 21, 2016

news on a news broadcast

It's not often that I find a compelling piece of news reporting on television news shows, but yesterday, perhaps because the presidential race and debates are so devoid of meat-and-potatoes issues, I found the following pretty damned compelling. News that doesn't work from the bottom-up is hardly news: There will always be someone at the top who has the 'broad picture' or is looking to feather his or her own nest. I get so sick of their well-fed demeanors, even as I recognize the need for their efforts. Meanwhile, people who deserve focus and support go begging.

Anyway, this banged my chimes and made me wish my country and its politicians would refocus their drift:


  1. Same with the CS50 lecture, pretty nice chap named David with a good charisma, but with concepts that are often inedible.