Sunday, October 16, 2016

mediocrity -- the greatest sin?

(Vatican Radio) On the morning of Sunday, October 15 [sic], Pope Francis presides over Holy Mass for the canonization of seven new Saints.
Saints are burdened with having done some very good things. By the nature of language, that means their goodness stands in some sort of contrast to those who have not done such things or, by extension, have done some pretty bad things ... you know, sinners.

Saints have gone above and beyond.

If sinners had done the same -- if, in effect they had not succumbed to mediocrity -- wouldn't they too be worthy of the term "saint?" Isn't it the mediocrity which tells the halting tale that many of us have donned. I wonder if mediocrity -- the half-assed, half-baked commitment to a given course -- isn't the defining quality of those of us who will never be canonized from within or without.


  1. Aleluia brethren, for i have come to comfort the saint and the sinner alike, praise the lord a-men.

  2. I probably did nothing unlike these or those saints.