Friday, October 21, 2016

murder, rape ... it's all a game

"Would sex with a robot be infidelity?"

HBO appears to have a new series based on the premise that visitors to "Westworld" can do anything they want without fear of repercussion.
This is one of the major ideas being explored in Westworld, HBO’s newest drama, about a Wild West-themed amusement park where guests are able to do whatever they wish to the ‘hosts’, or robots, who populate the resort. As Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), a programmer, puts it to one of the robots, “you and everyone you know were built to gratify the desires of the people who pay to visit your world.” And importantly, robots can’t ever retaliate and hurt the guests. That’s the idea, anyway…
If anyone could do what anyone wanted to do, would it turn out that doing whatever you want to do is actually what you want to do?


  1. Still eagerly awaiting the HBO mini series "The Mighty Eighth" that is taking Steven Spielberg years to deliver. Would theft of binary digital dusts be violation of my precepts?

  2. Must be time to form a Defense of Robot Dignity League.