Monday, October 17, 2016

good things

Bad things are a dime a dozen, I suppose, but several good things include aloe, duct tape and water. And anyone wishing to nudge things along could do worse than the encouragements inherent in "Thought Moments."


  1. Scotch, chocolate, naps... these are a few of my favorite things.... (be grateful you couldn't hear me sing that)

  2. Many of my ancestors and many of my friends from my generation have already passed away. A good friend of mine is in a wheelchair and can't walk. Another friend has such pain in his knees that he can't walk up and down stairs. So I walk for them. When I breathe in, I say to myself, "It's wonderful that I am still able to walk like this." With that awareness, I can enjoy every step. I say, "I am alive!" Mindfulness reminds me to notice and enjoy that my body is alive and strong enough for me to walk.