Wednesday, October 19, 2016

sour grapes election

Faced with two unpalatable options, some Americans are urging voters to reject both of them.
Given the tremendous antipathy towards Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, many Americans will be holding their noses on 8 November and voting for the lesser of two evils - whomever they believe that might be. But some are calling for a total pox on both houses, in a vocal online drive to "Vote Nobody".
More than 100,000 people have liked the Vote Nobody 2016 Facebook page, one of the most popular of dozens of social media accounts actively campaigning against both of America's major party nominees.


  1. Wavy Gravy,, used to run for president as Nobody. He had slogans such as "Nobody understands the economy" and "Nobody cares".

  2. Evan McMullin caught my eye briefly. He is a conservative, yet since I ain't voting in the first place, I felt that karmically there has to be a reason behind the present match up. I prefer hence to put aside the apathy and stick with Barack Obama's recommendation i.e. Hillary Clinton. My slogan if I were an American voter is, "Mothers are always right even if they are wrong."

  3. Voting Stein or Johnson or Nobody makes sense only in states where one of the two the main candidates are foregone conclusions. In swing states Voting the Lesser Evil Be It Crooked Hilary or Degenerate Scrondrel Trump makes better sense.

    In general not voting further concedes that the American People Have No Representation.

    The people need to take some responsibility.
    Some push back.