Sunday, October 9, 2016

cunicular love

Every year, the cunicular equivalent of Crufts takes place in the US: the American Rabbit Breeders Association convention sees 20,000 rabbits compete for prizes. Last year, St Petersburg-based photographer Katya Rezvaya attended the event in Portland, Oregon, to photograph owners with their pets for her series Oh My Rabbits. “When I told people my main reason for travelling to Portland was to take pictures of rabbits, every single person laughed,” says Rezvaya. “But I’m glad I could make it work. I had heard that dogs and their owners often look alike; looking at some portraits I can say the same about rabbit breeders.” The 93rd convention starts tomorrow, 9 October, in Del Mar, California.



  1. A black neighbourhood cat which is synonymous with bad luck sought safe haven in my zendo office during the wee hours less than 12 hours ago. My lights were on while fathoming something about the ongoing cyber cold war and the pussy just walked in from the door and shone its night vision glare in my face. I said 'meow' and 'hi' and it fled to the balcony. I thought it would jump from four storeys, but when the main entrance was opened it fled at a pace more impressive than a bunny's.