Wednesday, April 12, 2017

really expensive stuff

$57,995.00 · Luxury Of Watches
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Luxury Of Watches

A diamond-studded Rolex at 40 percent off the $34,000 retail price or an Omega Speedmaster Moonphase for less than $10,000? While still out of reach for most people, the increasing prevalence of such deals highlights the perplexing predicament in which luxury watchmakers now find themselves.
With sales falling, more unsold timepieces are finding their way from the Swiss-dominated industry's carefully controlled official retail networks to online platforms where they are often offered at steep discounts.
My own preference for snazzy stuff is the stuff without a single label. Otherwise I basically pity the poor soul who dons a label and ... and ... and what exactly? Labels for sports wear, men's wear, women's shoes, jewelry, autos ... where is the item that can boast no label but has superior workmanship? If the car keeps running, do I really need to know its manufacturer?

There is something impoverished and tribal about the bling, impoverished in mind and construction.

It's 3 p.m. ... isn't that enough?

The snazziest thing I ever owned was a ginkgo nut ... but I never said that to anyone.

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