Wednesday, April 19, 2017

a country without constant war

Standing out from a Guardian article about those who left the United States in the wake of Donald Trump's presidential ascendancy was, for me, this quote:
“There is a psychological burden to living in a country that is forever in a state of war,” he said. “And I don’t think even politicized Americans can appreciate it viscerally until they’re free from it.”
It sounds true or perhaps it merely sounds like words you wish were true ... but is it true? I really don't know. How WOULD it be to live in a country that wasn't constantly involved in one military adventure or another? Surely it would have some effect ... but what effect?

How depressing to even ask the question.


  1. It is called a warfare state, preferred to a welfare state, a state being the organizing of the economy.

  2. Adam, Brazil is known for having had minimal participation in major conflicts and - still - lives in a perpetual state of internal conflict. Not as bad as it's painted in the media perhaps, but still pretty bad.

    In 2015, around 150 people were reported murdered everyday, never mind the ones not reported.

    People are killed for pennies, a cell phone, a pair of snickers, for being gay, for trying to stop people killing people.

    Between perpetual external or internal conflict, I'll let the devil pick his favourite.