Saturday, April 8, 2017

alarm-alarm-alarm ... not

Now, together with an American president disseminating false or undocumented information, we have hackers in Dallas cutting into citywide alarm systems.
Hackers struck the sirens Dallas uses to alert residents to take shelter from inclement weather, triggering intermittent false alarms for about an hour and a half until officials deactivated the system early Saturday morning....The sirens began sounding at 11:42 p.m. Friday. Officials deactivated the entire system by 1:17 a.m. Saturday. Vaz said the sirens went through about 15 cycles of a 90-second siren activation.
What were once warnings are now threats.

What ever happened to the days when law enforcement didn't pretend to solve a crime before it was committed? It used to be crime-investigation-solution. Now, its intrusive investigation-seeking-a-solution-to-a-problem-in-a-future-no-one-can-tell and a lack of reliability in the liars who soak up assets chasing allegations without proof that can be publicly adduced.

"Trust me" ... a phrase that once accounted for something. But the points of trust seem to dwindle like a sundown. And more, the phrase too often seems to be a matter of who can make money by using a phrase.

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