Thursday, April 6, 2017

i can't keep up

I can't keep up.

Or is it that I don't want to keep up?

To me, the lusciousness of a tale is found in its simplicities and slowness and caressing. Hard news or hard fiction. Slow and simple and plainly interesting. The zip and sass of later creations, of today's creations, increasingly put my mind in stall mode: Why is this story so interesting that I have to listen to you?

Early Thornton Wilder seems to fit in here ... and the mysteries of the very simple facts that weave themselves inescapably into ... what is it? ... love, perhaps, but not Fuller-Brush-salesman love. Stepping across my lines and explanations and beliefs -- there is something and it is important that I almost-but-not-quite know what it is. With the mystery, there is some confusion, perhaps, but without mystery things turn false and another TED talk is born.

I read the news and ... with rare exceptions ... stall out.

I am left behind.

Or is it that I refuse to move 'forward?'

I am no longer destined to be graceful.

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  1. The population bomb brings with it more conflict and destruction, environmental and health issues, just an overwhelming number of newsworthy events. And in all of that the fight for power and wealth on the political stage, the globalization of everything, and the explosion of distractions available to stop the head spinning reaction to all of this crap. My dad was a Nixon republican, but by the time Bush jr. took office he'd become a frustrated radical who decided to not waste his vote on the dog and pony show that had replaced the democratic process. Thinking that informing yourself and participating in efforts to make a difference is probably delusional. For one's sanity, checking out to smell the roses is not unreasonable.