Saturday, April 1, 2017

no April Fools in Serbia

"Have you tasted the sauerkraut?"
What does it say about a country, specifically its politicians, when one of the three leading election contenders is a satirical candidate?
Going into the final days of campaigning, Ljubisa Preletacevic is vying with well-established political players in the race to become Serbia's next president....
The ever-present white suit and his nickname, "Beli" (white), also cock a snook at politicians who promise probity on the campaign trail, but head straight for the trough once elected.
In contrast, Preletacevic and his cohorts brazenly commit to making false promises. One particularly eyebrow-raising proposal was a plan to open a euthanasia department for pensioners in a local hospital, to cut down on the cost of care for the elderly....
The parody struck such a chord that Preletacevic's SPN party, which stands roughly for "Have You tasted the sauerkraut?" has become the biggest opposition grouping on Mladenovac council, with 12 seats.
I don't know if Serbia celebrates April Fools' Day, but they sure put up a good front. Strange to think it, but the satirical takes on the news -- notably John Oliver from where I sit -- are increasingly more credible than the analyses of 'thoughtful' pundits. Might as well laugh at least if you want to stanch the tears.

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