Saturday, April 22, 2017

stupid is not the same as peaceful

Some part of me is tired of making room for voices that insist on elevating unexamined bullshit, of enshrining it without taking responsibility for it, of pretending that a good ol' boy is the same as a right ol' boy.

I'm glad scientists are out in some measure of force to accord with Monday's Earth Day.

There is nothing wrong with not-knowing. There is something very wrong about assuming that not-knowing is the same as an unwillingness to learn and to get things right ... and to keep your word. Sure, it's climate change ... but it's also brain cells and health and alzheimers and young men and women researching and ... so much else that doesn't deserve to be choked by self-applauding uncertainty whose only quality is loudness.

More than 600 marches held around the world, with organizers saying science ‘under attack’ from a White House that dismisses the threat of climate change.
 Why March for Science? Because when it is attacked, only elites benefit

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  1. Folks seem to see science as an anti-human agenda rather than a method of investigation. I've always thought that science and zazen had a lot in common, cognitive behavioral therapy being the most directly related perhaps. But it's about exploring for for provably accurate facts rather than believing whatever bullshit one finds tasty or convenient. But an educated electorate could really mess with the balance of wealth and power in the world. And clearly someone doesn't want that.