Tuesday, April 18, 2017

civilization collapse, my ass!

A BBC speculation today is headlined "How western civilization could collapse."

Oh goodie.
Oh gleee.
Oy vey.
Oh ain't it awful?
Oh the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
The air sucks.
The social structures crumble.
The people suck.
The cars suck!
Donald Trump is president.
Turkey has a dictator.
Africa has a variety of tribal slaughters.
Democracy crumbles .....

Oh weep
Oh moan


Relax ... western civilization may become more uncomfortable, but "collapse?" Never! Why? Because there's too much money to be made if it does not collapse ... there are too many weenies who want to flong their dongs and require subservient throngs to lick up their cuff-linked spittle. How can Tesla be kool if there's no one to salivate for it? Too many poorly educated men in Washington and elsewhere need a forum in which to believe that they, like British royalty, have the droit de seigneur ... someone will actually believe them and their spiff-dom.


And if I'm wrong, there will be no one left to contradict me ... nyah-nyah-nyah!


  1. I wonder if it has crossed the mind of whoever wrote the article that maybe the question is not whether "human civilization" will collapse but - instead - whether it will ever come to solid existence?

  2. Civilization has yet to live up to the hype, and i expect it will fail before it ever achieves anything like we pretend it is. As climate changes and crops fail along with water shortages, there won't be so much money to make. Something akin to serfdom will likely become common again as capitalism proves itself to be an economic feudalism during times of massive shortage. Just as the last drop of oil will go into the war machine, the last vestige of civilization will exist for the upper classes who will manage the masses as a resource rather than a citizenry. Civilization is a big brained delusion of our species that does not exist in nature.