Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nazi pin-up struts her stuff

Kristina Söderbaum -- virulent anti-semite and movie star in Nazi Germany -- died in 2001 at the age of  88. She had
[S]tarred in 10 box-office hits in Nazi Germany directed by her husband Veit Harlan. She was the pin-up of the Wehrmacht, admired by Franco and parodied as the Lorelei. She also achieved a certain distinction as one of the few film actresses of the Third Reich who did not at some time enjoy a liaison with Josef Goebbels - a circumstance dictated as much by Veit Harlan's extreme possessiveness as by the propaganda minister's private predilection for dark-eyed brunettes. She was later tried by the Allies for war crimes.
As seen below, she was a good bareback rider and something of an archer.

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