Friday, June 2, 2017

"American Gods"

I was just getting used to the tits and "fuck's" on television drama, but now it appears there's a show that goes the whole nine yards:

"American Gods" has both penises and "the C word" by which I assume the Guardian writer means "cunt." I am simultaneously wary of tuning in to another taboo-buster (it's always a little like children who learn a cuss word is naughty and then over-use it) and at the same time, I would like to see if the story-telling were improved once humanity was given its full sway ... cuss words, gay Arabs, interracial dalliance, the whole Mulligan's Stew of humanity and imagination. The prurience of the American public really is tiring when you get to be my age.

I suppose it will take a few months for any brouhaha to settle down, but I will be interested to see if the show, like Donald Trump, can do no better than over-using what has been underutilized ... or employed simply as titillation for the 'good Christians' who never said shit with their mouth full.