Thursday, June 15, 2017

buying a jackknife

I went to the hardware store today to buy a jackknife.

The store no longer sells them.

I felt gypped that I should have to go to the juiceless Internet.

But it's just old-age crankies.

Buying on the Internet ... what a sissy of a pastime.


1 comment:

  1. I recommend
    Good knowledgeable folks. Call them if you like to describe what you want.

    There are other internet shops with personal service. Search. Click. Call.

    Better prices. Better knives. Not "juiceless."

    BTW - Jack Knife is an long out of date term for a folding knife.

    I had to go online because a NYC Attorney General began "misinterpreting" NYS/NYC laws regarding knives in the name of "safety." Beyond SAKs, one couldn't find a decent Knife in NYC except for designer knives costing hundreds.

    If you want a folding knife that's better than a Swiss Army Knife or a Shrade OldTimer, check out brands Benchmade, Kershaw, SOG and Spyderco.

    Good luck.