Monday, June 26, 2017

nothing left to buy? think again

$185 paper/money clip
Good design, it is said, should render an object invisible. Until you whack a designer logo on it, at which point it becomes the opposite: a talking point, a must-have, and (in this instance) the only Prada item that you could conceivably afford.
That, we’ll hazard, is the thinking behind its oversized silver paperclip, a snip at $185 (£145), and the latest in a litany of designer accessories inspired by the mundane and the everyday. In fairness, it’s a money clip with a logo, but everyone knows money clips are for rich people (people who deal exclusively in notes) so the irony is still there.
Imagine -- for some people this is serious stuff.


  1. If the folks who bought such things mingled with the rest of us it would be useful. It would tell us who's got too much money and no interest in anything else. I suppose owning such a thing is like a secret handshake that protects them from contact with the rest of us.

  2. Haha! An oversized paper clip logo or no logo is a stupid paperweight. What does that say? "I love paper clips?" How boring! Brick is also boring but least grandpa was proud of his construction work. But Grandpa never brought bricks into house to use as objects d'art or paper weight. He used natural small river stones. He painted animals on them for the kids.

    I bought too many fractional weights for physical therapy so I use some of the ¼ lbs. plates as paperweights. It says, "This guy is doesn't waste, and he lifts weights." Genius!