Sunday, June 18, 2017

the potential luxury of wealth

Imagine if all the well-creased silences of the wealthy were redirected from protection to understanding.

Since it's unlikely to happen, imagining may be the only game in town.


  1. I wanted to ask on the canned prayers entry if you get better results if you spray it directly on the person or object you're praying for?

    But there is a technical issue, your blog page says i'm logged in with a gmail account, cookies in place. But the comment page for that entry says i'm not, and when i select login, it just wants me to start my own blog at a $12 domain purchase.

    I've had this problem before with variations. And i've bitched at google to fix it with no response. I suppose they're too busy doing no harm and selling our information to care if the product functions properly or not.

  2. Replies
    1. FYI - Works fine from this end

    2. Worked without problems.

  3. Why do you think that a significant number of the "wealthy" lack understanding or even compassion?

    Such individuals just may not be as generous as we think we'd be if we were as wealthy. But don't you ever wonder how generous we'd be if we were wealthy? I wonder how much time I'd be able to attend to "understanding" and how generous I could be unless I had so much wealth I could focus on things other than acquisition.

    BTW - Such issues are touched on in a series called "Medici: Masters of Florence". It is on Netflix. Find it under the category "Netflix Original".
    The Italian Renaissance arose along with the great art that pervaded Italy and Europe. Such conditions were in part due to the self-agrandizing generosity of certain members of the Medici as well as others in the merchant class. The Roman Catholic Church likewise benefited (and undoubtedly was in part ruined) by that same kind of "generosity."

  4. I probably overstated the case, but the silences of the affluent interest me. No doubt it is too much to lay such silences at their doorstep disproportionately. Still, I think it must be freighting.