Friday, June 30, 2017

ethics and morals

I have always thought -- without too much thinking -- that ethics were the rights and wrongs executed in public.

Morals, by contrast, were practices set within and exercised in private, as when addressing the liar in the mirror.

Trying to sort this out according to internet sources is a twisty-turn-y road, one that leaves me stuttering, "In a hundred years, who'll know?"

And with Donald Trump as president, a hundred years seems a bit long.


  1. Our oversized brains imagine a lot of wonderful things, justice, straight lines, good and evil. But none of these things exist in nature, and that's where we live.

  2. A new quarter is starting in my postgraduate in the coming week. Last quarter I studied on the historical zen masters and three of the modules came through with > 95%. Hope I can keep up the efforts this quarter, imho.