Tuesday, June 20, 2017

follow the (Vatican) money

Talk about a story that skirts the whole story:

The Vatican's first auditor-general has resigned abruptly two years after being appointed to help ensure transparency in the sometimes murky finances at the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.
A brief Vatican statement on Tuesday gave no reason for the resignation of Libero Milone, saying merely that he had presented it on Monday to Pope Francis and that the pontiff had accepted it.
But a Vatican source with knowledge of the events that led to Milone's resignation told Reuters, "It's a pretty ugly situation and I hope it does not get worse."
"Follow the money" is among the surest of all journalistic admonitions. And if I were a teller in clerical garb these days, I would be glad to own a flak jacket. The Vatican is, I believe, the richest corporation in the world. With that much money floating around, there's bound to be a certain competitive spirit, I imagine... isn't Italy the home of the stiletto, the garrotte, and the lupara?

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  1. Not an easy job obscuring everything while trying to appear transparent.