Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Last week, an aging friend of mine reported on the phone that he had had a nightmare about death. It scared the crap out of him in the same way that all dreams can fill up the universe with dread or wonderment ... whatever the dream, it's everywhere, being both pinpoint specific and inescapably universal. Scaaaaaarey.

And for some reason I associated that dream with a visit I made to a foot doctor yesterday. One of his pieces of advice was, "don't go barefoot." The admonition shot through me like a nightmare. Barefoot is one of those central building blocks in my constitution. Giving up barefoot is like giving up life entier. The house of cards trembles at the notion. If you can't go barefoot, is life worth it?

Which led me to wonder if all those on the down-slope of this life don't run into a single small thing that is the straw that broke the camel's back. Just one thing and, voilĂ ! -- fuck it... sayonara... adieu.

One small thing -- not some universal something, just a small personal thing -- and you've had enough of the chipping away of this and that. A slip of paper, a favorite coffee cup ... one more thing removed under the guise of creating an improved condition ... only the improvement dissolves the object of the improvement.

I am barefoot as I write, but I dislike writing about it.


  1. Not Really a Natural GuyJune 14, 2017 at 11:58 PM

    Years ago I was lead to believe that going barefoot was a good thing. Even today you can find encouragement to go barefoot.

    Still, common sense and science should be taken into account.

    Sometimes doctors say stuff that's no better than old wives' tales. Sometimes doctors' advice is worse than useless. But sometimes doctors do know what they are talking about.

    I have had doctors tell me I am free not to follow the advice of other doctors when I sought informal second opinions.

    As an expensive alternative wear sandals or slippers made from natural substances like cotton (Tai Chi shoes), straw or bamboo (sandals ), to permit ions and Chi to flow without the problems of dirt, glass, pebbles, splinters, harmful bacteria, etc.

    Good luck with the problem that took you to the foot doctor.

  2. BTW

    Dreams of death seem to be fairly common and there's plenty of interpretations of them.