Tuesday, June 6, 2017

nothing changes

Based on olcharlie's comment above, my mind went twinkling....

I guess it was around high school -- probably now advanced college courses -- that I ran across the notion that "everything changes." Zen training hammered that nail home again and again. It was exciting, infuriating, joyful and laced with sorrow, and yet it was undeniable and getting my head around that undeniability (not to say that I have) was a chore heaped on a chore.

But having gotten somewhat accustomed to the obvious, I find myself returning to the same point at which I once stood ... and try to wrap my head around the less obvious...

Nothing changes. Nothing sexy ... just plain ... nothing changes.

How would it be possible to get a complete picture if part of the puzzle were missing?


  1. The mind moves i'm told, and pretty sure it fills in the pieces with whatever crap it has lying around, right or wrong.

  2. The teachings of "Change" is not the essential teaching of (Zen) Buddhism, The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path are.

    However, dwelling on Change / No Change will undoubtedly get you to the first noble truth of Buddhism.