Monday, June 26, 2017

women live longer; men....

I wonder if it's true that women live longer than men because women sacrifice for life while men sacrifice for ego (the stuff that puts food on the table) ... and life is more interesting than ego.
Although the gap in life expectancy had started to narrow in the 1970s, the overall death rate is again climbing, particularly for white American men, making it essential to understand why the state of men’s health is going from bad to worse.
Buddhists, among others, frequently give ego a bad rap and it certainly deserves investigation, but to suggest that ego is without its uses is a step too far. It takes a toll, telling so many half-truths, bolstering and waxing boisterous and locking horns.

I don't know. I just wonder and figure my half-baked speculation is as possible as some BBC quasi-scientific speculation. Probably not, but it might make for a beer-drinking topic.


  1. Hmmm... I googled "Beer Drinkers Life Expectancy" and now I evidently possess the following "knowledge": alcoholics' lives are shortened by 10 years, but light to moderate drinkers live longer than those who abstain from alcoholic drink.

    Drink To Our Health!

  2. BTW - This bit of information about the life expectancy of women being greater than men is true in the general but not in the particular. For example, a neighbor, Albert, a Jewish WWII survivor with a number tattooed on him to prove it, is 96. He's outlived two wives. Another example, a friend, Mike, is 76 outlived his wife.

    This particular line of inquiry might be good magazine material but since the sciences involved provide no truly useful information, I leave the issue on some back burner.

  3. It has been a while since I did this here, suddenly the urge comes and everything seems adequate:

    Refrain from killing.
    Refrain from robbing.
    Refrain from fornicating.
    Refrain from lying.
    Refrain from intoxicating.