Thursday, July 12, 2018

Black Moon Zendo web site disappears ....

In the beginning....
I was looking around for some of the pictures I had placed on my small zendo's web site when I discovered that the web site itself seemed no longer to exist ... or if it does, it is elusive as a bat.

A bit of a jolt in the sense that seeking out the pix won't be quite as easy for me, but also ... well ... it's OK if I say "done is done" but when someone else says it, suddenly my proprietary nature raises its protective, clutching head. If it did exist, what difference would it make? If it doesn't exist, what difference does it make?

I didn't agree to eradicate it and now it is eradicated.

I do miss the pix, but ... oh well. ... gone to another shore I guess.

In the middle ... kids help

In the end:

I am not doing a Zen mewl, hoping that some steadied hand will mention transiency and then preen,  but I do wish I could retrieve the pictures that were on the web site.

PS: A savvy (and more energetic) friend recovered this for me. It seems you have to press each desired link a time or two in order for it to come up.


  1. Google has a bunch, tucked away in the cloud maybe...

  2. “The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.”
    What an amazing resource!
    Well worth a visit.

    Was interesting to see the images Google has associated with “blackmoonzendo.”

    Somebody thinks “blackmoonzendo“ is worth at least $500 as a domain name. Well done! LOL!!