Monday, July 16, 2018

make schools safe: arm the kids

The first episode of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new series, Who is America?, launched on Sunday, with guns blazing. One of the most talked-about segments of the show, titled Kill or Be Killed, involves Baron Cohen posing as Col Erran Morad, an Israeli security expert who has devised a “Kinderguardians” scheme that teaches preschoolers to use firearms so they can defend themselves in school shootings.
Received various versions of this story from the kind of friends everyone seems to have these days ... the ones with still more depressing news..


  1. The Republicans gun lovers and lobbyists are well portrayed as being virtually shameless.

    Loved that one guy citing all sorts of data indicating that young children are bilogically best suited for quickly dispatching rogue gunman terrorizing schools. Also liked the part where some guy stated that children who don’t have their conscience formed make the best killers of all.