Wednesday, July 4, 2018

on the chocolate main line

"Bruce Bogtrotter" in the movie, "Matilda"
Well, the experiment failed ... sort of.

For a long time, I had wanted to make a super-chocolate cake replete with chocolate chunks, raw cocoa, butter, confectioner's sugar and, the kicker, black raspberry jam. It was the flavor combination of jam and off-sweet chocolate that held my experimental fancy and yesterday, I got off my ass and tried the imagined chemistry set: Boxed devil's food cake with chunks and powdered baker's chocolate added; icing of melted bitter-sweet chocolate, butter and jam ....

The icing was too runny, but the flavor of jam and chocolate hit the spot.

As Thomas Edison is said, approximately, to have said, "I didn't fail 2,000 times to create a light bulb; I discovered 2,000 ways that didn't work." Jam and chocolate taste good to this old choc-o-holic. Nice to find an experiment that goes "eureka" on my tongue.

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