Wednesday, July 25, 2018

love etc.

Just a thought:

If anyone knew what love was, there would be no insistence on talking about it so much.

And I wonder how many other things are like that ... mindfulness, enlightenment, spectacular moments.

Perhaps there is a correlation: The more the talk, the greater the ignorance.

And what, precisely, is so unpleasant about not knowing? Is it the dangers not-knowing can impose? But if death is considered the worst possible danger ... well, what does anyone know about that? The bookshelves are cluttered with books, like love, about death.

Just some more talk, I suspect.


  1. There are many views of love. In fact it is likely well understood by many, it is not at all unknowable.

    In my own view much of the "chatter" has to do with needing love, one's love being unrequited, sexual frustration, and the joys of being loved, and in love.

    What is often difficult to understand is in the realm of romantic love. There are areas that are just beyond control.

    Frustrations (and ignorance can be frustrating) often cause some people to talk much, and even write poetry and songs.

  2. Lin Rongxiang (Lionel from Singapore)July 27, 2018 at 1:05 AM

    The men don't get it.