Wednesday, July 18, 2018

numbed and dumbed

This is an era of numbed and dumbed and I am increasingly a part of its flow.

What I'm after here is my increasing unwillingness to even read or consider the analyses, extracts, self-congratulations and whatever all else is brought to bear when assessing U.S. President Donald R. Trump. There are blog-writers, political analysts, news people, sociologists, psychologists and a host of other earnest and caring people weighing in on one aspect or another of Trump's latest lie or misrepresentation or policy demolition. Really, they care. Really, they're smart. But most visibly of all in this era of numb and dumb, they are willing to clap each other on the back for someone else's latest thrust ... oh how fucking apt! Ain't it awful?!

But not one of these wags and wise (wo)men has a single full-frontal-do-something-about-it program to offer. Not one. And for that reason, I've had it. I find myself skipping the emails or blog postings or analyses of Trump -- a man who has been president for a year and a half and has shown repeated-repeated-repeated instances of insanity, idiocy, manipulativeness, merchandizing, unwarranted supremacy ... and the list goes on and on.

Should I throw in the towel? Perhaps not, but I have begun simply not reading stories about Trump. Newscasters may feel they have to scramble in order to keep their jobs. Analysts may feel  they have to assure their fan base that they are still wise. And others probably have other axes to grind. Why should I waste my time reading about a man who is president of the most powerful nation on earth and yet can to little more than posture ... with the analysts posturing in his wake?

The closest I can get to a corollary is the old joke about three guys walking down a New York City sidewalk when they run into a pile of dog shit. "Sure does look like dog shit," says the one. "Sure does smell like dog shit," says another as he bends down and takes a whiff. "Sure does taste like dog shit..." says the third who has used an index finger to prove the point. "... Damn glad we didn't step in it."

Likewise I am reminded of the man who goes to the doctor and says, "It hurts when I do this." And the doctor suggests mildly, "Well, stop doing that."

How many analyses and whines is anyone supposed to credit before the solution gets as obvious as it's going to get: "Shoot him in the head ... or at least take the bull by the non-analytical horns." What are you going to DO?

Well, stop doing that! Get rid of him ... plain, simple ... and stop applauding the fact that you didn't step in it.

As evidence of my encroaching laziness in the world of numbed and dumbed, I consider here the fact that I refuse to go back and round up links to a lot or many of the actual-factual fuck-ups Trump has initiated or participated in. If you need evidence in this stage of the game, you haven't been paying attention.

Shoot him in the head and have done with it.

Stop doing that!

In the meantime, Trump has scored a 'W' in my house: Yes, it is fake news and I decline to play the intellectual-masturbation game of participating by reading or taking especially seriously either the man or his analytical minions. Sticking my head in the sand? You bet -- at least there's a little peace and quiet down here.


  1. Hope you’re well vented by now.

    Ain’t politics frustratin’?

    Then there's good old due process.

    I gently suggest you do whatever you can to change from Red to Blue. Then maybe Trump will at least be largely neutralized if not impeached.

    Also you might go back and review Buddhism 101. The Middle Way and the Paramitas are quite useful:
    Loving Kindness
    Morality, Integrity,
    Truthfulness, Honesty,
    Energy, Vigor
    Patience, Tolerance
    Determination, Resolve
    Equanimity, Serenity

    1. Correction:

      The word Congress was somehow omiited.
      Should be "to change Congress from Red to Blue.'

  2. As I recall, ol'buddha man suggested that ignorance is the problem. With a population explosion underway, a stupidity explosion seems expectable.

  3. Ignorance? For sure.
    The other “poisons” as well. (Let’s not forget that the opposite is also possible.)
    But then there’s Power.

    Trump is unique in his seemingly willful ignorance, enormous hatred, and epic greed combined with so much political power.

    There’s a book I’m going to try to borrow and read:

    “Buddhism, Power and Political Order (Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism“

    Buddhism, Power and Political Order (Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism) (9780415544696): Ian Harris: Books
    ~$50 on Amazon and other eBook vendors; price for paper is about the same.