Saturday, July 7, 2018

if the Democrats win the 2018 elections....

Does anyone agree: I think that if the Democrats, who claim to be keen on winning back a U.S. congressional majority in 2018 mid-term elections, actually do win ... what will happen?

I figure they'll be so busy trying to undo what the Republicans undid in the matters of climate change or bank regulation or health care or dealings with Iran that they will be the party that can be rightly accused of obstructionism and gridlock -- the very difficulties Republicans are currently trying to get out from under.

So, the Democrats will become the Republicans they claim to abhor and STILL nothing positive or nationally nurturing will be achieved.

Donald Trump has confected the perfect swamp in the swamp he said he would drain.

And I don't think the Democrats are capable of stepping out of the high-kicking, Trump-friendly, self-serving world.

Remember, undoing is miles harder than doing and no politician of any stripe wants much more than another term.

Donald Trump achieved what his minders wanted most -- a tax break for the wealthiest at the dust-in-the-eyes expense of those who actually work. Everything else is fog and cotton candy.

How anyone sees this scenario as leading to something other than blood on the risers beats the socks off of me.


  1. Americans are so ideologically divided that I doubt a breakthrough of any kind is possible. We're still fighting the ideological divide from the civil war between the north and the south. I doubt such a thing might rise again though, as much as many may want. It would be ridiculously asymmetrical leaving us like Israel and Palestine with huge camps for dissidents. That being said, I suspect government is working perfectly as designed to protect the wealth from us.

  2. Your belief is certainly a possibility.

    However, just as you see through the haze of demagoguery, I think the majority of people can see through lies.

    I think that too many of the Democrats are politicians first and well informed with measured judgement representatives second.

    The majority of Democrats feed at many of the same troughs of money and power as the stunning, and overwhelming majority of Republican who are allowing Trump's corruptions huge and minor,

    What you described is the simply the _excuse_ not the reason.