Friday, July 27, 2018

pop-pop-pop ... the newish normal

Of late, and with increasing frequency, I feel like I simply cannot cope. I cannot cope with the vicissitudes of  Washington (what's the latest corruption and who are the last players) in ways I might have once taken an intellectual interest in it all.

I feel like a sink full of water into which dish soap has been squirted and a sprayer brought to bear ... bubble after bubble after bubble floats and waxes and wanes and I simply cannot any longer sink my teeth in. This is not mopey. It's vaguely frightening, being that I must now pray that someone else will take up cudgels against what my mind might once have done. It's not that I 'won't' do something. It's that I simply 'can't.'

What once were smarts are now drip-dropping, 'slip-slidin','  away. There is an occasion sense of wooziness to complement the latest incapacities.

Perhaps the seemingly endless days of humidity around here contribute. Humidity takes the stuffing out of me. But I doubt it. I am getting dumber in the same way I am getting shorter ... quite literally.

I can't keep up with Donald Trump, his lawyer(s), the investigation that seeks to nail Trump and his minions to the lately-anointed Russian, the Chinese/American trade trade war, spiritual conundra, life's foibles, etc. .... I can get a sense of the panic in the face of forest fires in the West, but even there, it's hard to keep up.

Keep up with the Jonses? Hell, I can't keep up with whatever is left of my popping-bubble self.

Literally, not just sweet-talking metaphorically.


  1. “Lucy, you got a lot of splainin’ to do.”

    For too many times you imitated Trump: you asked unknown Hackers to shut down Trump’s Twitter Account. Perhaps you need to take a vacation from the news.

    After that perhaps you need to reflect on those things that seem to be overwhelming you.

    Perhaps replacing the plugged time with some yogic practices:
    Asana, and / or Pranayama, and / or Meditation (Seated, Standing, Walking).
    QiGong and / or Tai Chi.

    Ballroom Dancing Lessons do it for some people.

    Try hitting the local universities and centers you might need some socialization & well considered lectures.

    If that doesn’t do it, then consider changing something else in your daily routine.

    Feel Better.

  2. A time comes when you're really just waiting to die and not enjoying it much. Human history is an endless stream of evil and stupidity in action. Good things happen too, but generally in individual cases.