Thursday, November 8, 2018

a press briefing to which no one came

Does anyone else wish, as I do vaguely, that the White House press corps might start defending the body politic it claims to defend by declaring such-and-such a day a time when no one in that press corps would show up to one of the so-called White House "press briefings?"

Yes, declare a single day of surrender to Donald Trump and his accusations of "fake news." If it's all fake news, there is no need for news outlets to attend the "briefings" that are already as sanitized as a monthly tampon. Let press spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders lecture the ether. Let Trump have his way ... but how would he disseminate it? No matter -- he knows the truth that lies so far from the "fake news" he can ballyhoo. Let him ... indeed help him ... speak the 'truth.' His truth.

But wait -- his "fake news???"

Hell, it's just one day.

If the press corps simply didn't show up one day ... well ... quoi donc? What then? The obligatory news cycle would be reduced and hence the "fake news" with it. Citizens might be allowed to breathe free of a news industry that could probably use a breather of its own.

Is it possible that the best defender the public weal might have is a press corps that simply refused to be party to an on-going fiction?

True, leaving all the seats empty at the "press briefing" might leave news organizations confronting the issue of how to earn their daily bread -- where's the income stream? -- but a day on behalf of the body politic might look good on the media's curriculum vitae.

"What would happen if they announced the war and nobody came?

"What would happen if they announced the press briefing and nobody came?"


  1. Every edition and broadcast should begin with "More proven falsehoods from the white-house".

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