Thursday, November 22, 2018

happy Thanksgiving

For reasons I cannot divine, the coffee this morning is blissfully strong -- a real thank-you on this Thanksgiving day. Is there anything better than a right-cross cup of coffee, caffeinated to the hilt? Maybe so, but this morning's coffee ain't no turkey.

Wife and two sons are out the door, headed for the New Jersey arm of the family clan. Air is cold. Coffee is strong.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, en route to the doctor's office, there were hundreds of people lined up on a nearby street that is generally a pretty-breezy thoroughfare.

I asked my wife, who was driving me, about it. It was the fact that the first legal-sale marijuana emporium had opened a day earlier, she explained. "Check the license plates." And sure enough, most of the parked cars, owned, presumptively, by the endless line, came from states other than Massachusetts. Based on the throng, you'd think marijuana were hard to get around here and that the floodgates had been thrown open.

An end to Prohibition redux.

Soma ... home for the holidays.

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