Friday, November 16, 2018

fire and ice

White, white snow.
White, white silence.

Four or five inches clothe bushes and lawns this morning. A municipal snowplow has created the first barricade of the season at the end of the driveway. And in the Wishful Weather department, it would have been nice if the snow had hit fire-battered California where over 600 people are still missing after the latest inferno. Instead, men and women in white jump suits sift and shift the rubble. The jumpsuits are sometimes marked "coroner." Donald Trump is still president. Given the tragedy, it might be nice if he weren't: Ego, not sympathy or caring, is his strong suit.

In what may or may not be lesser news, the Pentagon -- the U.S. agency once simply called the War Department before some well-coiffed bureaucrat re-purposed the scene with "Department of Defense" et al -- has reportedly failed its first-ever audit.

No one expected anything other than failure, you will be relieved to hear .....

It's winter. Winter brings snow.
The white silence will no doubt enfold the d'oh Pentagon results.

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