Sunday, November 25, 2018

caution! genius at work

If someone were a genius and there were no one else around to confirm it, what would s/he be?

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  1. A Genius. Dummy!

    Good topic.

    First, think Galileo and other brilliant guys who not only weren’t recognized for their insights but were persecuted for them.

    Then learn about men like “Benjamin Bradley [who] invented the first steam engine powerful enough to fuel a naval ship, but he is practically unknown today because he was unable to patent his invention. Bradley was a slave, and at the time, the law considered slaves to be chattel—all of their physical and intellectual labor legally belonged to their owners.”

    Next, do an internet search n “Female Genius” and weep for all the unrecognized accomplished women and all the talented women not even permitted to work in their fields of interest.

    Hopefully the human race is evolving enough to foster genius level talent regardless of sex, race, etc.

    BTW — Track down The National Geographic Genuis issue and series.