Friday, November 23, 2018

does Donald Trump have any friends?

Seriously, just for a moment:

Does Donald Trump have any friends?

As his tea leaves display themselves in my eyes, he is a man who views every person as a possible transaction. But, without rancor, does he have any friends? I'm not interested in breathy psychobabble or seething diatribes ... just in the ordinary sense: Does he have any friends?

If so, who are they?

If not, what do you call a man who has no friends?

I know that sociopaths (and I think Trump is one of them) tend to end up with a lot of the chips on the table, but is it even possible for them to have friends? If Donald Trump has no friends, what does that say about the straw-man enemies he builds up and then burns down in tantrum-esque style?

But never mind my bias. Does Donald Trump have any friends? A friend is someone with whom the warts-and-all are present; bias is conceded; weakness acknowledged ... and not much is made of it: Those issues have been worked through. Everything is open ... with a friend... a couple of people, feet up, disentangling the wiles and woes of the world....

Seriously, does Donald Trump have any friends?


  1. Good question.

    Some one else had the same question and wrote this up:

  2. Perhaps better than the question as to whether he as friends or not or who they might be is how truly loyal are the friends he has and what is this loyalty based upon. I cannot answer for Trump. In this life, I have a few good people who I will be loyal for life and who I trust to be loyal to me in equal terms, on nothing other than mutual affection, respect, kindness and honesty; like you said: being able to be open, without keeping secrets. Then there are people whose "friendships" and "loyalty" are bought and sold, with wealth, fame and power... Or worse. Silence. Secrets. Fear. "Friendships" based on materialistic interests. Loyal only for as long as they are useful, discardable as soon as no longer useful to their purposes. I pity those and rather keep such people at a safe distance. I would bet the feeling is mutual, but I wonder if they actually know what "feeling" means. As for those I feel loyal to, I can be thousands of miles away and years apart but, when we meet again, it's as if we had always been close and no time had passed since we had last met.

    1. True friendships aren't dependent on time or space, never mind selfish interests. That's love.