Sunday, November 25, 2018

dry-rot in D.C. back offices

 The decay-decline-collapse that comes in the wake of a Trump presidency and congressional inaction is amply illustrated in the following tale of a backroom lawyer in D.C.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Mark Robbins gets to work at 8:15 each morning and unlocks the door to his office suite. He switches on the lights and the TV news, brews a pot of coffee and pulls out the first files of the day to review.
For the next eight hours or so, he reads through federal workplace disputes, analyzes the cases, marks them with notes and logs his legal opinions. When he’s finished, he slips the files into a cardboard box and carries them into an empty room where they will sit and wait. For nobody.
He’s at 1,520 files and counting.
It's the little stuff that makes the big stuff big and this story is a case study in little stuff that trickles down and affects working, air-breathing individuals. It is dry-rot on the hoof.

“Imagine having the last year and half of your work just ... disappear,” [Robbins] said.

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