Tuesday, November 6, 2018

let things be light and fluffy and weightless and clear.

OK, I am a racist.
OK, I am a sexist.
OK, I am a bully.
OK, I am whatever other rubric anyone might care to lay at my conversational doorstep.

But it occurred to me today that it would be nice to take five minutes in some nearby day and acknowledge the fact that it is possible neither to accuse nor to be accused, that there is no coat hook whatsoever on which to hang the latest coat.

I mean, doesn't anyone else get sick of it all? All these teachers and priests and actors and politicians shriveling like a caterpillar on a hot griddle ... disappearing themselves not in shame but in the knowledge that once the accusation is made, they're fucked and there is no point in prolonging the agony.

Well, take back what rightfully belongs ... a place in which accuser and accused are erased for some small period of time. Let things be light and fluffy and weightless and clear.

Poof -- just like that.

Poof -- just for a little while.

Go ahead. No one will know.

I won't tell if you won't. It can be our little secret.

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