Wednesday, December 26, 2012

better off dead

It may be understandable that religions should posit the notion that you'd be better off dead... better off in a land of milk and honey and virgins and peace and joy and heaven and hell and God and ... all you have to do is drop dead. Vast belief systems are premised and promoted in this way.

Understandable, yes. When what is ineffable is the cornerstone of religion, then some concrete hand-hold is required in order to assure a credulous membership. And what more concrete and in-your-face concern is there than dropping dead? No one knows what happens after death, but the evidence suggests that everyone does it at some point, so weaving a tapestry based on the inescapably assured human experience ... well, it is understandable. A good hook.

But what is understandable is not necessarily what is peaceful. Premising a belief system on what is believed merely assures more doubt ... and doubt is seldom peaceful. So a drop-dead framework, although it may assure and endless supply of adherents, cannot be called drop-dead beautiful, drop-dead joyful, drop-dead peaceful.

I don't intend to rain on anyone's parade here. When belief is as good as it gets, then belief is as good as it gets. But I do think the human mind would be happier with a little more experience and a little less belief.... and I don't mean that anyone should go out and shoot himself in the head.

Belief ... check out the doubt it inspires.

Experience ... check out the story it tells.

Aside from anything else, it'll probably save you some money.


  1. "No one knows what happens after death..."

    That's a rather obsolete premise, my Friend. In fact, there is plenty of evidence available, even if you haven't had an nde yourself. For example, you can start with Dr. Michael Newton's considerable research into life between lives, based on decades of data. You might also peruse Nanci Danison's excellent reports, available both on YouTube and in her books. An interesting new report from a noted neuorsurgeon has lately been making the rounds
    Just a few leads for you to follow up on, if you're really interested in recent developments in the field.

  2. Bob -- I acceded to your argument but ask, what do YOU know?

    1. Heya Brother!

      here's a little personal tale in that regard:

      here's a distillation of what I've discovered in my own research:

      In terms of "knowing", here's a recent essay I'll share with you:

      A little fun reading on a cool New England Winter day for ya, LOL!

      Cheers, Amigo!

  3. Bob -- Thanks for all the links and input. I will say, as regards the original post, that I am grateful to think you haven't tried to start a religion based on what YOU know.

    Stay warm.

  4. Hehe, Adam!