Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas gathering

Last night, the house filled up like a bucket in the stream. My daughter and her fiance arrived from Pennsylvania, both my sons were here and there was an upsurge in the ingenuity required for everyone to have some place to sleep.

My daughter and her fiance had both lost weight as they geared up for a January "elopement" to Fiji, where they plan to marry. My daughter had lost 10-15 pounds and her fiance was down to 270 pounds ... a weight which brings him closer to competing at a 'lightweight' weight-lifting level. Everyone bubbled and bounced off each other in a reassertion of old connections.

Presents gathered under the Christmas tree that is hung with candy canes and lights and has an angel on top.

To describe it all is to paint a Currier and Ives still life of "Christmas" and "cheer" and "family" and other stuff that other people see in other people.

I like the bubbling and bouncing part.

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