Monday, December 10, 2012

the body that fell from the sky

What must it be like to walk out your front door on any given morning and find a dead body in the street?
 "It was a beautiful blue day, really sunny, but we had to keep the children inside. I didn't want the children to see, and to have to explain to them and put fear into them every time a plane goes over."
Such was the reaction of one woman in West London when, lo and behold, such a body appeared unbidden in September. At first, police suspected homicide, but later decided the body was that of a young African man who had stowed away in the landing gear of an airliner. He has yet to be identified.

A body that fell from the sky. Not only has the man not been identified by name, but the circumstances surrounding his airborne arrival are thus-far missing.
"I felt, what was he running away from? What made him think he could he could? And how will his family ever know? He's a lost soul now; his father and mother are probably waiting for him to make contact."
Why is it that what is unknown invariably overtakes what is known and leaves what is known gasping in the shadows?

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