Monday, December 10, 2012


An friend I do not know in person (but only through the Internet where he has offered me support and encouragement in the past), sent along some kind words today: "After wading through the mountains of sanctimonious airy-fairy bullshit written about Zen practice, it was a real pleasure to find your book, and then your blog."

Did I preen and purr. Yes, I did, a little bit.

But his words also made me think about "sanctimony," a word defined by an Internet dictionary as,
 the quality of being hypocritically devout
"Hypocritically" means that a person does not put his money where his mouth is, that s/he may talk the talk but does not walk the walk. And in this regard, I guess I am as guilty as the next person of accusing someone else of being a sanctimonious nitwit ... seldom me, always you or him or her or them.

But when I look around in my life, past and present, there seems to be a lot of proof positive that I was a remain more than capable of sanctimony -- claiming to take something seriously without seriously investigating it. Really, the laundry list is pretty long.

And from these sanctimonious heights, I would suggest that sanctimony is worth keeping an eye on, assuming it can't be avoided in the first place.


  1. Sure, you can't avoid it, but that doesn't mean you have to wallow in it either.There's a lot of wallowing going on out there in Zen land.


  2. At a point when language expression isn't the problem, sanctimony doesn't abide..