Sunday, December 16, 2012

torment spawns torment?

In China, a man was detained after he used a knife to attack 22 school children.

In the United States, the president plans to attend memorial services in the wake of an elementary-school shooting rampage that left 20 children dead in Newtown, Conn.
On Saturday, law enforcement officials gave new details about the rampage of Adam Lanza, which ended with Lanza’s suicide. Their new narrative partially contradicted previous ones and made a baffling act seem more so.
Lanza’s mother, for instance, was not a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, after all. She apparently was unemployed. So it was still a mystery why her 20-year-old son — after dressing in black, killing his mother and taking at least three guns from her collection — then drove the five miles to a school where he was a stranger.
Newtown, Conn.
Among the swirling thoughts and emotions such events can spawn, it occurs to me that for a mind wracked with woe, it may be the apex of insult when someone else is not similarly afflicted. Who, if not children, are most blessed and blissful ... cared-for, care-free, protected and innocent of the horrors that life can unleash? For a tormented mind, perhaps it is insufferable that others do not suffer as well ... and what more logical place to loose that fury than on those who seem most free from torment?

New Jersey resident Steve Wruble, who was moved to drive out to Connecticut to support local residents, grieves for victims of an elementary school mass shooting at the entrance to Sandy Hook village in Newtown, Connecticut December 15, 2012.
REUTERS/Adrees Latif

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