Saturday, December 29, 2012

gay marriage

It's news today, but there is something tiresome about it as well -- homosexual couples getting married.

Today, the place is Maine, where couples got in line for legalized ceremonies. The sighs of relief and the tears of joy were real and betokened an uphill battle that is still being fought.

What is tiresome is the fact that the battle still has to be fought. In 50 years, I imagine people will look back in wonder at a time when two people were not permitted the joys and idiocies of a marital commitment. What is so startling about two people bringing each other joy and sorrow, laughter and boredom, fidelity and infidelity?

Aren't there more consequential things to quarrel about?

Maybe not, but I find something tiresome about it. It's as if the news were to report each day on the miraculous rising of the sun.

In Cameroon, among others, the view is somewhat different.

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