Friday, December 14, 2012

sowing terror to combat terror

A friend sent along this Wall Street Journal article which outlines vast new counter-terrorism policies that allow the American government to gather and disseminate information about its citizens, even when those citizens are not suspected of any crime.

I have no mechanism to express my shame.
I have no mechanism to express my horror.
I have no mechanism to depict dictatorship under the guise of goodness.
I have no mechanism ....

Sowing terror to combat terror.

My son has lately joined the Army National Guard. I have mixed emotions about that, but the Wall Street Journal article makes me think it may not be an entirely bad thing ... at least he will have some familiarity with weapons when the blood-letting begins. I have already told him to be extremely wary of an order to shoot his own countrymen.

My own jaw-dropping reaction to the WSJ article amounts to a sense of relief that soon enough I will be dead.

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